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Diabetes Resources

Information about diabetes, health resources, and more.

JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) on Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF is a great resource to learn about type 1 diabetes and how it affects children, teens, and adults . You'll discover the warning signs, how it affects an individual, and how to manage and keep it in control.

American Diabetes Association

This organization provides patients, families, health providers, and loved ones a resource to further their knowledge on all types of diabetes affecting them and their families. You'll learn about the basics such as symptoms, how to prevent type 2, common terms, the genetics of diabetes, and diabetes misconceptions. Knowledge is power!

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo-Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides the basics and in-depth explanation of the different types of diabetes. You'll get a chance to find helpful videos, images, slides, and expert advice and resources that touch base on each type, risk factors, symptoms, causes, and treatment.


This is a great site that provides personal experiences and everything you need to know about your diabetes types , while staying and living healthy.

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Newly Diagnosed

American Diabetes Association

The ADA is helping lead the fight against diabetes risks and raising awareness to educate and help find a cure to diabetes. They make a diabetes diagnosis a little easier to handle. This site will provide you with coping advice, becoming healthier with type 2, and that a type 1 diagnosis is not the end but only the beginning of managing your health properly.


It's never easy dealing with an unexpected type 1 diabetes diagnosis in either you or your child. Shed off those feelings of anger, sadness, and guilt, and get a better understanding that you are not alone and will achieve adapting to the daily needs of type 1 management.

Diabetes Management/Health Resources

American Diabetes Association Controls Blood Sugar Through Diet & Exercise

Eating balanced meals and living an active life will help you to manage your type 1 and 2 diabetes. But how and where to start is the first obstacle you'll come across. This site will provide you great recipes, appropriate foods to help manage you diabetes, an exercise plan , and skills on monitoring you blood glucose levels that will help you to keep your diabetes in control!

Diabetes Daily Recipes

Don't cut your diabetes menu short, you can still eat the foods you love with the health benefits that are diabetes-friendly. This site will provide you with some of your favorite recipes with a diabetes twist but that still encompass the flavors you crave. Diabetes doesn't have to mean tasteless food!

dlife Food & Fitness Management

Not sure about where to start in changing up your eating habits and menu? Well dlife provides us information on foods that will make blood sugar control easy, teach us about carb management, gives us diabetes-friendly recipes, and makes sure we stay active to keep our weight in control.

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Medical Assistance

Diabetes Foundation Medical Assistance

This DFI is a New Jersey based agency that provides health care assistance to diabetics. They offer information for links prescription discount programs and available discounted pharmacies and details on the Medical Assistance Program for diabetics in need.

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Support Groups

JDRF Online Diabetes Support Team

JDRF Online Diabetes Support Team provides a one-to-one support group that offers practical suggestions from JDRF volunteers. They all have experienced what you are going through and know just how you feel and will provide you with answers, tips, and support.

JDRF Bag Of Hope Program

JDRF's Bag Of Hope Program is a free program that provides information and support to families with children who've been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This handy bag includes diabetes education materials for both kids and adults along with an Accu-Check Aviva Compact Blood Meter. Your child will also be able to snuggle up with Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes, while they read included book, "Rufus Comes Home, A First Book For Understanding Diabetes."

MedHelp Type 1 Diabetes Community

Have a question? Well they've got an answer for you! Med Help provides a Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes Community you can call on if ever you have a question in regards to your or your child's diabetes. No question is a wrong question to ask, so health professionals will do their best at answering them as thoroughly as they can.

Diabetes Daily Forum

This site will provide you a sounding board to ask questions, read up on the latest news on diabetes, and find others who are trying to manage their diabetes day to day. You are not alone!

Meet Others On dlife

You are not alone in the fight against diabetes. Take the time to share your stories, connect with other diabetics, and don't' be afraid to ask questions or give great advice to others searching for diabetes outlets. We're all in this together!

Diabetes Hands Foundation Online Communities

DHF has been providing communities for diabetics to understand that they aren't on their own when it comes to diabetes. These communities provide each of us a place to gain and share knowledge, raise awareness, and provide programs that help people living with diabetes. Information is provided in Spanish and English.

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JDRF (Juvenline Diabetes Research Foundation)

With their research , JDRF strives to find a cure to treat and prevent Type 1 diabetes. Today they have awarded more than $16 billion to diabetes research and more than 80% of their expenditures directly support research and research-related education. Find out more about their research and how much closer they are to finding a cure to Type 1 diabetes.

American Diabetes Association

Working hard to provide support and funding for diabetes research , the ADA's site provides us a place to ready up on their latest breakthroughs and information they've collected along with how funding supports current research projects.

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Additional Resources

Don't forget to click to fund diabetes research every day! Visit The Diabetes Site, and click today.

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