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10 Blood Sugar Land Mines

We know certain foods aren't great for our numbers, and we can do our best to avoid them. But there are some that have a surprisingly negative effect that you might not suspect.

Camp Angels
Horseback riding. Rock climbing. Overnight hikes. All while learning how to fine-tune their blood sugar control in a well-supervised environment. See how you can help children with type 1 diabetes.
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There is Only One Road To A Cure

Type 1 diabetes can be a frightening diagnosis. The symptoms may go unrecognized, landing the patient in the emergency room after days of distress. Then it's on to a quick education and a lifetime of relentless management of the disease. It changes lives, and not for the better. Though we've recognized diabetes for more than a centruy, we're still stuck with treating the symptoms rather than the cause. Our understanding is growing, with recent breakthroughs at places like the Max McGee National Research Center. But we still don't know why people get Type 1.

Although it's not exciting, mind-blowing, front-page news, the truth is there is only one way we're going to come up with a better understanding of the disease and maybe even a cure: persistent high-quality research.

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