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School Lunches

Nick Offerman guides us on a tour through a pizza farm, taquito orchards and fields of sloppy Joes watered with soda to highlight how different school lunches come from nutritious ingredients.

Depression and Diabetes

It has been widely known that a correlation between diabetes and depression exists, but new theories suggest that it might not be as simple as depression being a symptom of diabetes. Learn more!

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Help provide a diabetic child in Mauritania with the life-saving supplies!

In West Africa, 3.3 million Africans currently have diabetes, and 80 percent of diabete deaths occur in low or middle income countries like Mauritania. For diabetic children, the annual cost of their diabetic supplies takes up most of the family's annual income, not to mention the additional cost of regular checkups and screenings. The supplies are especially expensive in this region of the world due to the lack of attention diabetes receives in West Africa. Without these supplies diabetics cannot survive.

Many families have to rely on clinics and organizations like the Mauritanian Association for the Fight Against Diabetes to provide them with supplies and checkups. Providing life-saving supplies like testing strips, meters, and insulin to these children has a huge impact on their families and communities. You can help.

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