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My Misdiagnosis

My Misdiagnosis

"...being in my mid 40's, they diagnosed me as type 2. At about 52, and nearly 10 years of struggling to keep my blood sugars down, and failing most of the time, my present doctor decided to test me and found out I am actually a type 1 diabetic..."

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Diabetes Awareness Site

diabulimia2This Deeply Powerful And Striking Story Helps Bring The Issue Of Eating Disorders For Diabetics To Light.

    Eating disorders are a terrible affliction, especially in young women. While anorexia and bulimia are immediately recognized, diabulimia is seldom mentioned or thought of. Emilee Wilson, a Type 1 diabetic, restricted her food intake, exercised to extremes, and stopped using insulin to help her lose weight. This powerful and gut-wrenching video documents Emilee’s...

SiriDiabetes1Hmm, I Wonder What Siri Has to Say About a Cure for Diabetes…You’re Sure to Smile At This One

You know Siri, right, the voice of the Apple iPhone? She's pretty smart, isn't she? She can give you directions. She can look up cheat codes for your favorite video game. She can even help you find the best auto insurance rates. Well, what does she have to say about a cure for diabetes? This just may be a side of Siri you never thought you'd see...

RompingPups1Here Comes Your Daily Smile! These Adorable Pups Romp Around Like They Own the Place!

Sometimes you come across a video that just turns your whole week around, and this is one of them! No one is safe from these puppies!

BalancedBloodSugar1Balance Your Blood Sugar: Here Are 5 Fantastic Ways to Do Just That!

Did you know that cinnamon, when ingested directly before a meal, can reduce your glycemic index up to 29%!? Don't worry, we didn't either. Nor were we aware that there are even simpler ways that you can effectively balance your blood sugar. This video explains the top 5 ways to do just that!

ThreeRecapSocks1Sock It to Diabetes Week 3 Recap — We’re Looking Diabetes In The Face and Saying, “That’s Right, You’re Goin’ Down!”

The third week of November is in the books. To close out this fantastic third week, we've compiled our 8 favorite Sock It To Diabetes submissions, over on Facebook. Narrowing it down to 8 was extremely difficult, and we mean EXTREMELY difficult. Why? To put it simply: you guys rock.

Help Preserve a Diabetic's Foot
Diabetic foot ulcers are the primary cause of hospital admissions for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Medical treatment for these common ulcers is critical — 80% of leg amputations occur subsequent to these ulcers. Treatment is available, however many patients aren't able to afford it.

Contribute to the Diabetic Foot Ulcers Co-Pay Assistance Program to help diabetics who are most in need.

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