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Artificial Pancreas Approved!

The FDA just approved the first automated insulin delivery device, or "artificial pancreas," and we couldn't be more excited! Click to learn more about this exciting development!

Diabetes and Menstruation

Hormone fluctuations can impact blood sugar levels. Women with diabetes need to be aware of the effects their menstrual cycle may have on managing their diabetes.Click to learn more!

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Camp Angels for Children with Diabetes

Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes affects one in every 400 children in the U.S. Research has shown that diabetic camps are the best place to teach children how to manage their diabetes. Unfortunately, many families are not able to provide this unique opportunity to their diabetic child because of financial obstacles. Many children with diabetes often feel different or out of place because of their dependency on others to manage their health. After having a diabetic camp experience where they are surrounded by hundreds of diabetic peers, they realize they are not alone in fighting this lifelong disease. These children begin to take charge of what is necessary to monitor and control their diabetes. Motivation is a key in caring for diabetes and the camaraderie and social support they receive during summer camp provides that motivation.

It is through your heartfelt donations that we help provide that priceless experience to young campers across the country.

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