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Summer Parties Done Right

No need to decline invitations to backyard barbecues because of your diabetes! We've got some tips and tricks to help you have a great time without having it wildly affect your blood sugar!

Positive Side Effects!?

Diabetes-control drug pioglitazone, sold under the brand name Actos, appears to help prevent recurring strokes in people who have already had a stroke or mini-stroke. Learn more!

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Test Strips for Diabetic Children

One of the most challenging aspects to diabetes care in developing countries is access to and cost of diabetes supplies. This is particularly true in the case of monitoring blood glucose, where self-testing is best conducted several times per day. Blood glucose meters, test strips and lancets are often an unaffordable expense for families living on or below the poverty line. The Life for a Child Program (LFAC) assists disadvantaged children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes in developing countries, providing insulin, diabetes supplies and support. Insulin injections are required several times per day in order to control the levels of glucose in their blood. To properly administer the correct amount of insulin needed, test strips must be used to determine the amount of glucose in their blood. LFAC equips children and youth in developing countries with the resources they need to survive.

You can help. Just $8.00 provides a month of test strips to a diabetic child.

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