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My life with diabetes

I have had diabetes since i was 19. im 42 now. I have been rejected by guys for having diabetes. Finally found a guy who did not mind my diabetes.I fell for him. He was my magic,my music ,my dreams.( he is younger than me by 6 years but he did not mind.) We got married in 2013. I got pregnant in 2014, but I lost my baby due to complications. I went into depression and had suicidal thoughts. My husband started to slowly mentally abuse me.He brought me down.Said awful things like he regretted marrying me and treated me badly. but I still loved him.Last year,2017, I tried committing suicide.It was too painful...having lost my baby and feeling no love from my husband.My family helped me. Now he has asked for divorce admist my problem and depression(my family is dealing with a lot now). I am in depression and feel sad and think about him everyday. I miss him but I am also angry for what he has done to me.All I feel is darkness and wish death comes to me fast.

Georgetown, Malaysia

End of the free ride.

I lived the good life until December 2005. After two weeks of mysterious illness and weakness, I collapsed and regained consciousness in hospital. I was diagnosed as severe type 2 diabetic and went immediately onto insulin. I rebelled frequently and found myself back in hospital before I finally gave in.

I look back on that day and count my blessings, that 14 years later....I am still here.

leslie john stewart
canberra, Australia

So, today I will be telling you my type 1 diabetes diagnosis story

So, today I will be telling you my type 1 diabetes diagnosis story. I was diagnosed nine years ago when I was 41 years old. I was diagnosed on October 10th, 2008.

So, basically I started showing symptoms. I was always thirsty, I had dry mouth and my muscles were always sore like I just got done working out. I was always drinks and chugging water, Gatorade or whatever fluid’s I could. The thirst to me was basically unbearable. Also I was eating everything I could and burning it up. I was also going to the bathroom like all the time. I also lost a lot of weight, which I thought it was from my workouts I was doing.

So on October 10, 2008 I went to doctor to see what was wrong with me. The doctor checked my blood sugar, but the meter they had was not able to give a reading of my blood sugar. But some of the symptom’s I had told the doctor, she figure I could have diabetes. The doctor told me that I needed to go to the ER right away. That she would be calling them to let them know I was coming over there. Once I was there in the ER they were able to read my blood sugar which was 970 and that I have type one diabetes.

I spent three days in the hospital to get my blood sugar down and I learned how to manage diabetes and I remember just being miserable. Before me, nobody else in my family had type one diabetes. It took my family and I awhile to get used of this new life we had received and to become comfortable with it. Now diabetes is just a part of my everyday life, I have never once let it slow me down. I don’t think of this disease as a horrible thing, I have gotten so much out of having diabetes.


Diagnosed t1 at 30

For months pre-diagnosis I knew something about My body was changing. I had an incurable thirst I was losing weight. I attributed it to a recent promotion. However, my symptoms only got worse. I had what i called the rainbow box that caused blindness temporarily and would alternate between both eyes. Essentially it was what it sounds like, a rainbow box that I couldn't see past. I went to an eye doctor and was told i was over wearing my contacts and to switch back to glasses. This obviously did not help. My thirst became worse. At one point, I was drinking upwards of 5 gallons of water a day. My mouth began to hurt as well. I developed white spots that no one could explain. After visiting 3 different doctors, someone finally took my blood. Initially though, they thought I might have AIDS because of the thrush in my mouth. They rushed my lab work and later that afternoon called and informed me my blood sugar was 911. This meant nothing to me other than finally an explanation. I was carted off to the ER and spent only 2 days in ICU before i was released. Now I fight the daily battle of teeter totter w my sugar. Being tired, angry, hungry, frustrated .....and every day I spend my time educating....myself those around me

arlington, TX

My story

Hi I'm charlotte and I'm 18 years old.

It was march 2009 when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I had no idea that it was this until the doctors told me and then I had to be taken straight into hospital.

I had loads of symptoms like going to the toilet a lot, drinking a lot, weight loss and most of all pains in my pancreas which was one of the first symptoms I had but like I said none understood what was wrong with me, until my nan told my mum to get me into the doctors as soon as possible.

From this very day I blame myself for this but I get told you can't bring it on by yourself. I can't remember a lot because I was only young but it is not nice to experience going through so much pain. The constant finger pricks and injections you have to go through every single day, also the low numbers where I feel so weak that I just can't do anything but I can I have to keep fighting through all the days I wanna give up on, and I hate being different but having diabetes is okay it shows I am strong and that it's okay to be yourself!

Now I am honestly just wishing for a cure for all diabetics

Shropshire, United Kingdom


I found out I was diabetic at age 12. Passing out at school then going to the doctor and then having to go to the childrens in AR at 12 was a very scary thing. I didn't know how I was going to make it. I stayed to myself for years. I am 17 years old now about to start my senior year I'm just now starting to open up. I do basketball, track, cross country and cheerleading in school I went to state last year in track for the 2 mile. I learned after that pushing yourself and never giving up gets you somewhere. I am still having high a1c as high of 12.1. Fighting to get better and healthier is my goal and to never giving up on myself and never doubting who I am. I am way stronger then I thought I was. Diabetes is a life long job 24/7 never stopping. Taking shots and prinking my finger everyday does get annoying but it's part of my life and always will be. There are some days the high numbers make me feel bad and I just wanna give up I am just done with diabetes but I make it through the day because I know there's a tomorrow and it will be better. The low numbers where I feel so weak I just can't do anything but I can I have to keep fighting through all the days i wanna give up on and I make it through it because I know there's going to be a good day. I hate being different in a crowd but I know now being different and having diabetes is okay it shows I am strong and that it's okay to be yourself.

Greenbrier, AR

Don't Let Type 1 stop you!!

Jadyn was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 5. She is now 17 and has not let being type 1 hold her back. She has played and lettered in three high school sports Volleyball, Basketball and Track throughout high school so far . What this amazing girl goes through to play sports and manage her disease is hard. This year Jadyn went to State for track competing in the 4x1 relay. Her dedication to be there everyday no matter how she is feeling and give it her all is an inspiration to everyone! She is proof to all type 1 diabetics - you can do it!!!

Seattle, WA

Destry James

My little chunky bug was diagnosed on 04/24/2006. It was precisely seven days before his sixth birthday (May 1st, 2006). My ex-husband had our two children for his weekend and notified me upon dropping them off that our son had been EXTREMELY thirsty for water. He wasn't a big water fan at that time, however, our daughter really only drank water. He (my ex) also told me our son had been up and down all night, using the bathroom......I just knew. I knew right after he stated these things, I just knew. I have had some extensive medical training and I. Just. Knew. I called our doctor and took him in and obviously, the very first thing they did was check his blood sugar. The meter they used had a "limit" (anything over 600, just read HI). I freaked out bc I knew. He told me to take him to the children's hospital emergency right that second. The easy part was actually his early years. Now, he's 17 and from the time he turned 11, it's been a nightmare. He has deliberately overdosed on insulin or just the opposite. I know what this disease does and I have had a hard time paying for his insulin and supplies as well. We've been discriminated against in the most obscene ways and at one point I thought I might have to send him into state care just to keep him alive!

Taylor, MI

c'est la guerre

I was diagnosed T2 on Friday, 7 May 2004. The clinic had bled me for blood work about 8:35 am. The results were not back when my annual physical came about 1 pm. My MD did not expect anything untoward and went ahead with the physical. About 4:30 pm, I was at work when my MD called and basically blurted out "You're a diabetic!" Neither of us were expecting that and he scheduled me to come in the following Monday. He had me pay $84 for a blood meter and told his nurse to teach me how to use the lanclet to take a blood sample.

My Father and youngest brother were both T1 and have since died of congestive heart failure. I have had heart surgery so this is a sensitive subject for me.

There have to be hundreds of diabetics in town but there are no support grooups that I know of. ( have been in 5 that folded.) I know of several diabetics but we simply don't discuss it. I suspect folks think talking about being diabetic are seen as boasting or are asking for help. My parents taught me that talking about personal problems was the cheapest way of seeking attention. Talking simply isn't done!

I do what I can and hope for good results.

c'est la guerre

Dodge City, KS

3 months old

Hi, my name is Dan Meharg. I was born in London, Ont July 26, 1961. My mother was told I was the 1st baby born with type 1 diabetes and lived. I am 55 years old now, struggling with this disease, heart failure, almost lost my legs 3 years ago. The eyes don't work as good as they should but I just keep fighting. I have 3 children, 2 are girls, my oldest daughter became diabetic at 4, any youngest daughter at 10 years. I have seen so many changes over the years, how things have changed from when I was a child. It is a battle everyday wanting to be normal like all the other people. But we just have to keep going! I hope some day there is a cure, not for me but for my daughters and everyone else!

Dan Meharg
Kazabazua, QC, Canada
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