c'est la guerre

I was diagnosed T2 on Friday, 7 May 2004. The clinic had bled me for blood work about 8:35 am. The results were not back when my annual physical came about 1 pm. My MD did not expect anything untoward and went ahead with the physical. About 4:30 pm, I was at work when my MD called and basically blurted out "You're a diabetic!" Neither of us were expecting that and he scheduled me to come in the following Monday. He had me pay $84 for a blood meter and told his nurse to teach me how to use the lanclet to take a blood sample.

My Father and youngest brother were both T1 and have since died of congestive heart failure. I have had heart surgery so this is a sensitive subject for me.

There have to be hundreds of diabetics in town but there are no support grooups that I know of. ( have been in 5 that folded.) I know of several diabetics but we simply don't discuss it. I suspect folks think talking about being diabetic are seen as boasting or are asking for help. My parents taught me that talking about personal problems was the cheapest way of seeking attention. Talking simply isn't done!

I do what I can and hope for good results.

c'est la guerre

Dodge City, KS