Destry James

My little chunky bug was diagnosed on 04/24/2006. It was precisely seven days before his sixth birthday (May 1st, 2006). My ex-husband had our two children for his weekend and notified me upon dropping them off that our son had been EXTREMELY thirsty for water. He wasn't a big water fan at that time, however, our daughter really only drank water. He (my ex) also told me our son had been up and down all night, using the bathroom......I just knew. I knew right after he stated these things, I just knew. I have had some extensive medical training and I. Just. Knew. I called our doctor and took him in and obviously, the very first thing they did was check his blood sugar. The meter they used had a "limit" (anything over 600, just read HI). I freaked out bc I knew. He told me to take him to the children's hospital emergency right that second. The easy part was actually his early years. Now, he's 17 and from the time he turned 11, it's been a nightmare. He has deliberately overdosed on insulin or just the opposite. I know what this disease does and I have had a hard time paying for his insulin and supplies as well. We've been discriminated against in the most obscene ways and at one point I thought I might have to send him into state care just to keep him alive!

Taylor, MI