Diagnosed t1 at 30

For months pre-diagnosis I knew something about My body was changing. I had an incurable thirst I was losing weight. I attributed it to a recent promotion. However, my symptoms only got worse. I had what i called the rainbow box that caused blindness temporarily and would alternate between both eyes. Essentially it was what it sounds like, a rainbow box that I couldn't see past. I went to an eye doctor and was told i was over wearing my contacts and to switch back to glasses. This obviously did not help. My thirst became worse. At one point, I was drinking upwards of 5 gallons of water a day. My mouth began to hurt as well. I developed white spots that no one could explain. After visiting 3 different doctors, someone finally took my blood. Initially though, they thought I might have AIDS because of the thrush in my mouth. They rushed my lab work and later that afternoon called and informed me my blood sugar was 911. This meant nothing to me other than finally an explanation. I was carted off to the ER and spent only 2 days in ICU before i was released. Now I fight the daily battle of teeter totter w my sugar. Being tired, angry, hungry, frustrated .....and every day I spend my time educating....myself those around me

arlington, TX