I found out I was diabetic at age 12. Passing out at school then going to the doctor and then having to go to the childrens in AR at 12 was a very scary thing. I didn't know how I was going to make it. I stayed to myself for years. I am 17 years old now about to start my senior year I'm just now starting to open up. I do basketball, track, cross country and cheerleading in school I went to state last year in track for the 2 mile. I learned after that pushing yourself and never giving up gets you somewhere. I am still having high a1c as high of 12.1. Fighting to get better and healthier is my goal and to never giving up on myself and never doubting who I am. I am way stronger then I thought I was. Diabetes is a life long job 24/7 never stopping. Taking shots and prinking my finger everyday does get annoying but it's part of my life and always will be. There are some days the high numbers make me feel bad and I just wanna give up I am just done with diabetes but I make it through the day because I know there's a tomorrow and it will be better. The low numbers where I feel so weak I just can't do anything but I can I have to keep fighting through all the days i wanna give up on and I make it through it because I know there's going to be a good day. I hate being different in a crowd but I know now being different and having diabetes is okay it shows I am strong and that it's okay to be yourself.

Greenbrier, AR