My life with diabetes

I have had diabetes since i was 19. im 42 now. I have been rejected by guys for having diabetes. Finally found a guy who did not mind my diabetes.I fell for him. He was my magic,my music ,my dreams.( he is younger than me by 6 years but he did not mind.) We got married in 2013. I got pregnant in 2014, but I lost my baby due to complications. I went into depression and had suicidal thoughts. My husband started to slowly mentally abuse me.He brought me down.Said awful things like he regretted marrying me and treated me badly. but I still loved him.Last year,2017, I tried committing suicide.It was too painful...having lost my baby and feeling no love from my husband.My family helped me. Now he has asked for divorce admist my problem and depression(my family is dealing with a lot now). I am in depression and feel sad and think about him everyday. I miss him but I am also angry for what he has done to me.All I feel is darkness and wish death comes to me fast.

Georgetown, Malaysia