My story

Hi I'm charlotte and I'm 18 years old.

It was march 2009 when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I had no idea that it was this until the doctors told me and then I had to be taken straight into hospital.

I had loads of symptoms like going to the toilet a lot, drinking a lot, weight loss and most of all pains in my pancreas which was one of the first symptoms I had but like I said none understood what was wrong with me, until my nan told my mum to get me into the doctors as soon as possible.

From this very day I blame myself for this but I get told you can't bring it on by yourself. I can't remember a lot because I was only young but it is not nice to experience going through so much pain. The constant finger pricks and injections you have to go through every single day, also the low numbers where I feel so weak that I just can't do anything but I can I have to keep fighting through all the days I wanna give up on, and I hate being different but having diabetes is okay it shows I am strong and that it's okay to be yourself!

Now I am honestly just wishing for a cure for all diabetics

Shropshire, United Kingdom